Sabalan Petrochemical Company

Aiming at constructing an AA grade methanol production unit with an annual production capacity of 1,650,000 tons, Sabalan Petrochemical Company (Private Joint Stock) was established on October 6, 2010. For implanting this project under the EP+C system, the methanol production license, basic design, and proprietary equipment were obtained from Halder Topsui, Denmark, detailed engineering and purchase of project equipment were assigned to Petrochemical Industrial Design and Engineering Company (PIDEC), and civil and installation operations were performed by Kayson Company. It is noteworthy that other services needed in this project, including feed and oxygen, were provided from Alvand Petrochemical Company.

This project was funded by the China Credit Line, short-term banking facilities, cash contribution of shareholders.

We employ advanced technologies, recruit local specialists, and take advantage of innovative approaches to make sustainable profits and manufacture high-quality products that meet international standards.

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