Safety, Health, and Environment


Sabalan Petrochemical Company believes that the establishment of an appropriate HSE system is a prerequisite for the safe and successful implementation and completion of this project.


We have adopted an “accident prevention” strategy in this regard. All the managers and directors, formal and contractual employees, contractors, and those working in joint projects of Sabalan Petrochemical Company are expected to accept this policy and do their best to realize it. All individuals who are somehow involved in this project are responsible for ensuring the optimal adoption of this policy in their relevant units. Adherence to the company’s rules and procedures is a guarantee to achieve the goals contained in this policy.

The project operations and activities should at all jeopardize humans, equipment, the environment, and property. To achieve the ultimate goal of this policy, it is essential to consider the following items:

  1. Full belief in compliance with all national and international HSE principles
  2. Periodic assessments for identifying and controlling the existing hazards
  3. Development, establishment, and continuous improvement of an appropriate HSE management system
  4. Promotion of the culture of HSE and continuous training in HSE-related issues
  5. Continuous control and revision of the HSE system performance and periodic managerial assessments and revisions to ensure the correct implantation of procedures

Believing in the importance and necessity of HSE management systems in project success, Sabalan Petrochemical Company established an HSE unit from the very beginning of its activities to evaluate the objectives and come up with the structures and methods needed to achieve them. We aimed to establish a comprehensive HSE management system in order to both provide conditions for coordination and optimal use of various facilities at the organizational, national, and international levels and initiate a systematic movement towards the integration of activities needed to address the issues related to HSE, passive defense, and crisis management.

We aim to focus on HSE-related issues in order to promote preventive approaches as an alternative to the traditional and reactive approaches to dealing with the potential risks of the petrochemical industry. This can also pave the way for productivity improvement and organizational excellence, which are the main outcome of establishing an HSE management system.

The main approach and strategy proposed by the HSE system to achieve the preset objectives include raising the HSE awareness at different organizational levels and encouraging the effective involvement of human resources in HSE-related processes. Accordingly, the HSE system will be institutionalized and integrated into all activities and operations to serve as a coordinator, facilitator, consultant, and supervisor. Based on this system, a dedicated task of all managers at any organizational level is to ensure that all operations are performed safely to achieve maximum productivity.

Mission of HSE Department

The mission of the HSE Department is to ensure the sustainable efficiency and effectiveness of the HSE system by protecting the staff, equipment, the environment, and the company’s reputation.