HSSE Committee

group business people having meeting

The most important executive committee in Sabalan Petrochemical Company is the Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) Committee. This committee is responsible for monitoring all sustainability-related policies and practices to make sure that all these items are discussed, understood, and promoted at all organizational levels, from management to manufacturing operations, process safety, and active working teams. Such an approach can also involve studies on health, process safety, internal security and cyber security, and the environment.

The HSSE Committee also pays periodic visits to all executive and operational units and shares its observations with the management team. This process can increase the sustainability of processes and other areas of Sabalan Petrochemical Company.

The HSSE Committee discusses a wide range of sustainability-related issues, evaluates the performance of sustainability processes, audit results, and sustainable development criteria, and monitors major issues that may be a source of public concern.