Organizational Strategy

Our main strategy to achieve organizational objectives is called “Powering Progress”. This strategy aims to create value for all stakeholders and the community living next to us.

“Powering Progress” pursuits the following four objectives:

  1. Improving the health, safety, and environmental (HSE) processes in order to minimize pollution and accidents
  2. Improving the production growth index and sustaining the product quality to compete with global rivals
  3. Increasing the value and deepening the brand of Sabalan among national and international companies
  4. Creating value for shareholders

All of the above four objectives are very important to us because they together can integrate sustainability into our business strategy. “Powering Progress” is based on our core values about honesty, respect for people, and emphasis on safety. These include our commitments to ethical and transparent production and business. This strategy adds to the focus, resilience, and competitiveness of Sabalan Petrochemical Company.